Nano-MD PDA UV-VIS Bio SpectrophotometerNano-MD_2_400px

Nano-MD is a full-featured UV-Vis Spectrophotometer designed in particular for the easy and accurate measurements of micro volume samples. When combined with Nano-Stick or Multi-Stick micro-volume cuvette, it provides easy yet very accurate and highly reproducible analysis of micro volume samples such as DNAs, RNAs, proteins et al. As little as 0.5ul, and as many as 8 samples can be measured in one run. Standard size cuvette can also be used, making it an all round spectrophotometer that every research lab, especially biological lab should be able to enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Compact & Small Footprint
  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility
  • Versatility
    • Micro-volume sample (0.5-2ul) can be measured directly using Nano-stick
    • Automated absorption measurement of up to 8 samples using Multi-Stick accessory
    • Also suitable for standard size cuvette cells
  • User-friendly software
    • Many Built-in Bio Methods for uses to choose from
    • User defined display
    • Data can be exported easily for demonstration and publication
  • High dynamic range (up to 3.0 AU)
  • Fast measurement with pulsed xenon source and diode array detector, avoid photo-degradation, no warm-up time
  • Full-spectral data for each sample (190 – 1100 nm)

Light Source:Xenon Flash Lamp
1.0 x 109 flashes
Stability < 1% CV
Sample Compartment:Open structure using reversed optical design
Magnetic in place type
Detector:Photodiode Array
Wavelength Range:190~1100 nm
Wavelength Resolution:2.0 nm
Wavelength Accuracy:±1.0 nm (with Holmium Oxide Solution)
Wavelength Reproducibility:< 0.02 nm (NIST 2034)
Photometric Range:-3.0 ~+3.0 AU
Photometric Accuracy:±0.01 AU with 60 ppm Potassium Dichromate
±0.005 AU with 0.5 AU NIST 930e
±0.01 AU with 1.0 AU NIST 930e
Photometric Noise:<0.002 at 300 nm
Photometric Stability:< 0.002 AU/h at 0 AU, 300 nm
Photometric Reproducibility:<0.002 at 0.5 and 1.0 AU with Glass Filter
Stray Light:<0.03% T at 340 nm
<0.05% T at 220 nm
< 1.00% T at 198 nm
Dynamic range:up to 3.0 AU
Dimensions:340 x 320 x 115 mm (WxDxH)
Weight:6.6 kg
Power Requirements:100-230V, AC 50/60 Hz

Specifications are subject to change without notification

Design Concept

Use for versatile applications Post-run analysis of high quality data Intuitive GUI for easy navigation

Bio Mode includes Pre-programmed Methods:

  • Nucleic Acid Analysis
    • Nucleic acid concentration (dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, Oligo DNA, Warburg-Christian, Kalb and Bernlohr)
    • OD ratio Calculation (OD 260/280, OD 260/230)
    • Baseline Correction at 320 nm
  • Protein Analysis
    • Bradford Protein Analysis at 595 nm
    • Bicinchoninate (BCA) at 562 nm
    • Biuret Protein Analysis at 540 nm
    • Lowry Protein Analysis high sensitivity at 750 nm
    • Lowry Protein Analysis low sensitivity at 500 nm
    • Lowry Protein Analysis at 740 nm
    • Trinitrobenzene Sulfonate at 416 nm
    • Direct UV at 280 nm or 205 nm
  • Cell Density
    • Cell Density calculated with absorbance of 600 nm
  • Enzyme Activity
    • User Specifies Activity Factor
    • Data from single wavelength (using the multi-cell) or multiple wavelengths (using the single cell) can be extracted for the rate calculation
    • Baseline Correction
  • Enzyme Mechanism
    • Michaelis-Menten
    • Lineweaver-Burk
    • Hanes-Woolf
    • Eadie-Hofstee
    • Calculate Km, Vmax from each plot
  • Thermal Denaturation
    • Temperature Unit: ºC
    • Temperature limit: from Room -5ºC to 100ºC
    • Tm calculated with average method & 1st Derivative
    • Volume correction with user specified equation
    • Normalization with user specified factor
    • User defined equation allows calculation from Tm value (ex: %G-C)

Wave Scan

  • Wavelength Monitoring
  • Equation Calculation
  • Find Peak / Valley
  • Multi-Components Analysis


  • Quantification Standard
  • Quantification Sample

Kinetics: Entire absorption spectrum at every time of  temperature interval

  • Time Based Kinetics
  • Temperature Based Kinetics[/bootstrap_row_column]
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OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Spectrum Data

  • Clipboard Copy, CSV Format File
  • BMP Format File, WMF Format File

Result Data

  • Clipboard Copy, CSV Format File
  • Excel Format File[/bootstrap_row_column] [/bootstrap_table_row] [/bootstrap_table_body] [/bootstrap_table]
[/bootstrap_tab] [bootstrap_tab title=”Accessories”]
  • Single Cell Holder
  • Water Jacketed Single Cell Holder
  • Auto Sipper System
  • Peltier Temp. Control Unit (Single)
  • Magnetic Stirrer Assembly  (Water Jacketed )
  • 8-Position Multi-Cell Holder
[/bootstrap_tab] [bootstrap_tab title=”Applications”]
  • DNA, RNA and Oligonucleotide Quantification
  • DNA  Melting
  • Protein Concentration Measurement
  • Enzymatic Activity
  • Enzymatic Mechanism
  • Protein Thermal Denaturation
  • Protein Tm Determination
  • High Concentration Sample Measurement
  • Micro-Volume Sample Measurement